The Legacy - Introduction

Headline: Foreword
Description: A Sci-Fi Saga based on the Space Traders Game - Elite on C=64 programmed by: Ian Bell & David Braben.



Prequel - The Legacy

Based on a saga from Elite – A space trader game of the 1st generation!!!


My name is Kuro-Dan and I am the 2nd generation treasure hunter in my family. About 25 years ago my grandfather Uro-Dan was in a Space station bar at Lave, There he shared a few pints with a bloke claiming to be a captain of a Cobra Mark-III ship. They were swapping stories of how they both travelled through the then known eight galaxies. One of the things that pricked my grandfather’s interest was that captains experiences in Dealing with the aliens known as Thargoids. And in particular his encounters with them in a place known as 'Witch Space'.


My grandfather was one of the first generation treasure hunters in these galaxies at the time and kept very detailed journals and ship-logs and maps covering his career as a Treasure Hunter. Unfortunately he died under mysterious circumstances before he was able to find his final treasure.


My Father For-Dan was a trader back then running goods from mainly industrial to agricultural planets and eking out a modest fortune in a relatively safe part of the eighth galaxy.


  Cobra Mark-III Data sheet


As Gal Corp found my grandfathers ship abandoned in the deepest part of that galaxy, they contacted my father to arrange for the receivership duties. That was when I was 15 years old and entering into the Cadet Pilot Academy.

Grudgingly my father more or less had to accept the role of the only known surviving family member and retrieve grandfather’s ship and belongings. Sadly most of his fortune at that time went to paying for the salvage and storage costs at the local space station. This was a big strain on my father and he never lost any time letting me know how unfair he felt the universe was.


While I completed my time at the Academy, my father strived to regain his lost fortunes by ever riskier ventures. Even going so far as to be a bounty hunter for a short time. Well I say short time because on his last mission he was waylaid by a rather dastardly sort of back galaxy pirate who loved to run contraband and smuggled goods to the Thargoids.


It was four days after I got my Pilots Patent, that a wrenched little man from a lawyers corporation contacted me with the 'news'. Part of the news was the death and the circumstances surrounding it of my father, the second thing was the matter of receivership; the third thing was a peculiar offer from the legal corporation to pursue the last mission of my father to completion for a substantial reward.


Well needless to say, fresh out of the Academy, no place to live (I'd lived in the dorms before), No more subsidized monthly income and a yearning to get out and into the 'real world' I informed them that if they would assume all related cost. I would meet with them for consultations. They agreed and arranged for my transport to the eighth galaxy to an unknown and uncharted off-world colony far away from the next space station or any remnants of Gal Corp! At sub light it took me six months to get there with three transfers under very hazardous means.



A Robot-escort accompanied me to the main offices of the corporation, by now I was about a month away from my 21st. birthday and slowly beginning to wonder what I’d got myself into. During the whole time I was journeying here I never heard a single word further from anyone about anything with the exception of a data-trans-file which apparently was a part of my grandfather’s belongings, found in my fathers personal belongings and deemed not important enough to withhold from me at the time. Ironically I needed almost the whole six months to sift through it all and to get a sense of how my grandfather had been in his day and that age of the universe.


Curiously enough until I'd accessed the database it had been 25 years of a lost thread so to speak concerning the 'Elite' commanders and their fates.


Most of the inner worlds in each galaxy had evolved into tightly knit networks of commerce and abundance leaving only here and there a few scattered worlds of wannabe's, would-be and what-not-ever. The great wars with the Thargoids had diminished into scraps with renegades and vigilantes, due to the implementation of the Bio-bombs in witch space. Leading to the overpowering invasion of the Thargoids into our universe which abruptly and horribly devastated most of the known worlds and infra-structures leaving only weak remnants of humanity struggling to get back on their feet.


  Historical data - Thargoid wars


In the six months I needed to get here, there was no news of these rapidly accruing events and I was therefore totally neither informed nor prepared for what I would now be confronted with. In the reception hall there was a robot-receptionist elevated behind a screened podium scanning me intently for verification.



Without so much as and utterance from the robot-receptionist a small eight-sided pass-chip-card popped out of the podium in front of me, taking it into my hand I was astonished to see it dissolve and produce a strange kind of tattoo in the palm of my hand, a tingling almost burning sensation followed and I became aware that information was being somehow transferred directly into my thoughts. Shocked a bit at the idea of having some one or something suddenly in my head was most discomforting and at the same time revoltingly fascinating.


  Nano-bots absorbed


Following the instructions I was now receiving I went to a turbo-cell, entered, sat down and was whisked of to some deeper underground part of the office complex. As the turbo-cell opened I was at the end of a long corridor without doors or openings.



Once again heeding the information popping into my mind I went to the end of the corridor to a seemingly blank wall, it went opaque then disappeared to reveal  and opening into a dimly lit office containing a desk and two chairs. I entered and sat down at the first chair nearest to me. The information flow stopped at this point and I was left to wait and wonder what’s next?


The wall behind the desk went opaque and opened as the lighting grew brighter the man I'd seen in the video-conf came in and sat down across from me. He was even smaller than I remembered and really quite wretched in physical appearance more than I’d imagined. Speaking rather softly he introduced himself as Lee-gaal and began to explain to me what this was all about and as he spoke I began to get a spinning, turbulent feeling in my stomach.



He started by telling me a bit about the changes in the universe that had occurred during my sub light flight to here and how their original plans for me had changed also. After telling me more or less point blank that the receivership was no longer possible in the normal manner and that if that was still relevant for me, I'd simply have to see for myself how I could get my hands on the family inheritance as best I could. They were no longer able to be of much help in this. Furthermore they were no longer really interested in bringing the killer of my father to justice as such but, much more interested in following up on what my father had discovered while hunting the pirate down. At this point he had my un-divided attention again; my mind had been wandering off a bit before that.


They (the corporation) were highly motivated to obtain more detailed information about how my father had apparently been able to jump beyond Witch Space to Thargoid Prime, the home planet of the Thargoids. And even more importantly how did he make it back to our universe not only in one piece but also seemingly in possession of unknown Star Maps. Star maps that supposedly showed more than just the Thargoid universe. In other words in reality a sort of Dimension Chart or Cartography of overlapping dimensions.


By now I was sitting a bit nervously at the edge of my seat and finding it hard to contain my bewilderment indeed. This was in a word simply incredible, adventurous, dangerous, exhilarating, confusing and at the same time rocking my world as I knew it till now. All of the known were out, all of the un-known were suddenly possible and here I was. About to embark on a mission whereby I had still no real idea how to begin upon it other than with my bare hands. My young mind was churning its gears I can tell you that!


He continued by saying that if I could manage to find my way to the old space station (now a ruin) about twenty light years away from here. I might be able to procure my grandfathers old ship as well as the rest of the things that were stored there for my father. Since there were however neither more actual shipping nor transport lines available from this world. I'd have to either take a chance finding some ambient off-worldlier willing to take me as a passenger or, lay my trust in a robot-probe-ship. Now then, a robot-probe-ship is generally speaking nothing more than a blind freight container launched into space with a fixed destination and no controls whatsoever. He could offer me one that should theoretically anyway get into the close proximity of the space station, no guarantees of course since the space station no longer has a beacon signal. Otherwise it would be hanging around one of the many establishments through the complex waiting and hoping for contact to someone else that may or might not be partial to my endeavours.


Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place, I reflected on the phrase I'd so often heard from my father, the universe is unfair, hard but, the only game in town. I would hopefully live long enough to figure out what he'd really meant after all these years. Looking the wretched little man fully in his dull grey eyes I asked - If I stay a bit to make a decision, where & how will I be provided for? Housing etc., etc. He looked dryly back at me and offered a small room with meals here in the complex for only Five (5) days. After that I'd be forced to be completely on my own because the last of the robot-probe-ships would all be sent off by the end of this time and replacements were not planned.

He further offered me a COM Link to Gal net (or at least what was left of it) during my time there as well as a multi-pass card for meals etc. Deciding to take the opportunity to re-orient myself to the new situation and allow myself the chance to absorb and filter all of this I thanked him for his offer. I said I was a bit tired now and would like to retreat then to find my centre. Immediately he stood up, turned without another word and slipped through the newly opened wall behind him.


The lighting dimmed once again as the wall behind me opened and the information flow started up in my head disturbingly. Going back along the corridor about halfway to the turbo-cell, the wall on my right opened to show a small eight-sided room of sorts. I went in, the lighting grew better and I could see a control screen on one of the walls to my left. Recognizing it as being similar to those in the Academy Dorms I was quickly setting up housekeeping so to say. Type of temporary clothing, furnishings wanted, placement etc., etc. locating the service vender points. Once I'd got things set how I wanted I opened the cot from the back wall, falling down on it and went almost right off into a deep and troubled sleep phase, setting the wake-alarm for ten hours.


one trillion is written as the number "1" followed by 12 zeros (1,000,000,000,000). One year of clock time =

(60sec/min) x (60 min/hr) x (24 hr/days) x (365.25 days) = 3.16 x 107 sec

One trillion seconds of ordinary clock time =

( 1012 sec)/( 3.16 x 107 sec/yr) = 31,546 years!







Thank you for your interest in 'The Legacy' !



Good luck in all that you endeavor. 

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